Eco-Friendly Transportation During  Vacation

A little planning can help with finding the most eco-friendly path to your vacation.

Also, once you get where you are going, you can enjoy green transportation. You simply need to do contact vendors ahead of time and ask a few questions.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Planes create large carbon foot print. And in many cases, it is hard to avoid traveling by air.  Do a little research and find out which airline has taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

At the time of writing this article, Southwest seems to have done a good job.

Let’s not forget the car rental. Electric and half breed cars help reduce the pollution.


Search for places that actively use green projects. Likewise, check the inn’s area and ensure there is a lot of open transportation close-by that you can use to get to where you have to go. Once in your lodging, inform them that you don’t require new towels each day. Turn lights off when you leave the room and turn the indoor regulator up or down when you’re not in the space to utilize less power.


Plan to get fitter and stay fit on your vacation.  Arrange your vacation in a way to walk or bike instead of drive or be driven to different locations.

But don’t go over board. It is, after all, a vacation, and you need to relax.

Keep it clean

Reduce, reuse and recycle works on vacation as well as home.  Trash disposal is an environmentally challenging process. Whatever you can do to help goes a long way.